“We Don’t know What Will Happen?” Exhibition Curated by Barrie J Davies at Arcade Cardiff Gallery – 20th March 2015

Violence of Complicity I

Artwork image by Bevis Fenner “Violence of Complicity” 2015

“We Don’t know What Will Happen?” at Arcade Cardiff Gallery
(Private View 20th March 6pm til 8pm)
20th Of March to 4th of April 2015
Open Wed – Sat 12.30 – 5.30pm  

An exhibition Which plays with fun, randomness, chance, chaos and order…………….

what will actually happen? you will have to come and find out…………..

The artists:

Bevis Fenner (southampton)   http://www.bevisfenner.co.uk
Paul Kindersley (London)   https://www.youtube.com/user/thebritisharecumming
Mark Scott-wood (London)   http://www.markscottwood.com
Jock Mooney (London)   http://www.jockmooney.com
and Barrie J Davies (Cardiff)   http://www.barriejdavies.net

An exhibition Curated by the artist Barrie J.Davies

Chaos is the total lack of organisation, and is characterised by disorder. Chaos is ubiquitous, and we humans are uncomfortable with the notion of a seemingly random universe with no discernible pattern or logic. We do not like disorder or chaos, and this is evidenced in our ceaseless necessity to categorise everything into clearly defined and explainable compartments. And when an unexplainable phenomenon presents itself, we turn to religion for answers to the innumerable mysteries that abound. “People need to believe that order can be glimpsed in the chaos of events” (Gray). However, as attested throughout history, these brief glimpses of order have turned out to be erroneous, and rather than providing knowledge, have merely perpetuated our ignorance. Several knowledge issues then arise: Why do we need order, and can the true order of things be apprehended? Do these glimpses serve a purpose even when they are erroneous must be asked? Is it enough that people believe they have glimpsed order?



Queens Arcade, 
Unit 3b,
Queen Street, 
Cardiff , 
CF10 2BY,
By New Look, down the escalators.
Phone: 02922 212453

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