UNDER NEON LONELINESS Solo Exhibition by Barrie J Davies at Blackwood Miners Institute 2014


Exhibition at Blackwood Miners Institute, Blackwood, Wales
December 15th to January 16th 2015

The artist Barrie J Davies presents an exhibition for the Blackwood miners institute a show of his latest fun new exciting pop gone wrong surrealist artwork. Barrie’s artwork is a chaotic and playful visual explosion using found and invented imagery exploring humour, subversion, the absurd, escapism, the far fetched and generally the silly side of life. He invites you to come into his mad and magical world and enjoy the fun! Barrie’s work uses a fun provocative and humorous style to expose the human condition: notions of success, money, glamour, love, death, sexuality, gender and religion are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity.
Barrie J Davies has been a practicing artist for over ten years has had up to fourteen solo exhibitions and been in over hundred and seven group exhibitions worldwide. His manic melancholic artwork dances from painting, sculpture, installations, youtube videos, drawing, photography, mail art, print making, comic performances and online social media.



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Barrie J Davies

Barrie J Davies is an Artist. visit - www.barriejdavies.info

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