Barrie J Davies #FAQ

Barrie J Davies FAQ

Here are some answers to some of your many questions:

Where are you based?

“Cardiff in Wales, UK”

Can I buy paintings/artwork direct from yourself?

“Yes just drop me an email and we can sort it out for you”

Do you do commissions?

“yes, get in touch via email”

Are you represented by a gallery?

“No, but I do show with a few organisations such as the Nick Holly Gallery in Swansea”

How much are your paintings?

“Paintings start as little as £50 and the price goes up to £5000”

Are prints available of your paintings?

“Prints are currently being made and some prints are now available”

How many Cosmic moggy paintings have you done?

“Over twenty five at the last count, it part of an ongoing series of paintings”

Who inspires you?

“Many artists, writers, thinkers and doers such as Andy Warhol, Rob Pruitt, Noel fielding, Dali, Hunter S Thompson, David Bowie and my girlfriend”

How is the best way to find out about your exhibitions?

“I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, youtube and I have a mailing list, so you can find out many ways of what i’m doing”

If you have any further questions please email me at


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