Up coming and current #exhibitions

Barrie J Davies

“Summer exhibition” at Llandoch Hospital Oriel Yr Aelwyd Hearth Gallery, Llandoch Hospital Vale of Glammorgan. (group show currently on)

“Summer exhibition” Nick Holly Gallery, Swansea ( group show currently on)

“ALIENATION” Ground Floor Gallery New york and James Oliver Gallery Philadelphia (group show) July to August (group Exhibition)

“ANIMAL” Chesterfield College, Chesterfield. July 2016 (group show)

“SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY” Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, October 2016 (solo show)

β€œCRASH COURSE FOR THE RAVERS” Stones Space Gallery, London – Forthcoming February 2017 (solo show)

β€œBOOM FOR REAL” Junkyard Dogs, Brighton Forthcoming February 2017 (solo show)



for more info email: barriejohndavies@googlemail.com


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Barrie J Davies

Barrie J Davies is an Artist. visit - www.barriejdavies.info

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